Tips for a healthier life

The other day we told in the same lines a series of tips to lead a healthier life . It is simple guidelines and guidelines that will demonstrate that, with a little willpower, is not as complicated a healthy life and leave behind the bad habits. Today we continue with the second part of our special, where you will find new tips that will allow you to enjoy good health and prevent disease.

HealthHow to lead a healthier life

In the following lines we offer you some tips on how to lead a healthier life, you can see them below:

– Reduce consumption of processed foods

Processed foods are not good for the preservatives that often lead. Many of these foods also have a high salt content, which is a risk factor for developing high blood pressure and heart disease. Whenever possible, it is advisable to opt for natural foods.

– Learn to love yourself

Try to love you more each day, accept you how you are. And one of the best ways of loving and raise our self-esteem is leading a healthy life, we will feel better every day, both outside and inside.

– Walk and / or run barefoot

There are many benefits of barefoot walking or from a better position to less stress on the feet and joints. As the city is practically impossible, nothing better to do in nature or on the beach.

– Eliminates the negative people in your life

Positive thinking is very important for a healthy life. If you have a friend who is overly critical or negative, may be a good time to replace it or let it go.

– It also eliminates any negativity from your person

Nor need we be filled with negative thoughts. Listen all your thoughts and eliminates all those negatives that repeat in your head. Often abuse the food when you feel unhappy, so if we want a positive environment, you will feel much better and, surely, will not depend on the food to feel that brief feeling of satisfaction.

– Bring out all negative thoughts

To do this, nothing better to do exercises that try emptying the brain of all frustration, facing them, since it is not the best way to keep within us, and that’s not healthy.

– Avoid foods “trigger”

Foods ‘trigger’ are those that make us lose control and can not stop eating compulsively. In each person, these foods will be different, but are usually candies, chocolate, candy, chips, cookies or any food with high levels of refined sugar, salt, fat or flour. These foods generate an imbalance of blood sugar, urging us to eat more.

– Breathe deeply

Oxygen is vital to our existence. We all know how to breathe, but we do it correctly? In fact, many doctors would respond negatively to this question so. There are breathing techniques that help us fill our lungs with oxygen, for which our abdomen should expand and there should be no movement of the shoulders.

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