Tips for Calming Menstrual Pain

Can you withstand menstrual cramps? Do you have a pain that hinders the actions of your daily life? Do not worry; these tips to calm the menstrual pain will make your problems end. From time immemorial there has been a war that extends to our days. The constant confrontation between women and men is something that will probably transcend even after our grandchildren. And it is that both sexes claim to have the best abilities, while strongly emphasizing the defects of their adversary.

Menstrual Pain

Certainly, both sides possess qualities that are unique, that even the opposite does not possess, and both prove to be an excellent complement. But in turn, the two have disadvantages that the other cannot even imagine how terrible or disheartening it may become. The worst thing is that it is an object of ridicule, which fights the rancor between the two, thus maintaining a struggle without truce or quarter.

A man suffers greatly for his complexes, acquired by retrograde ideas of society, which even the family transmitted to him, believing it to be right.

Women also have their complexes, but in addition, they have to deal with a cycle that is repeated every month. A cycle could turn out to much more uncertain than the game of Russian roulette itself. That’s right, I’m talking about menstruation.

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The menstrual cycle of a woman goes much beyond the male understanding because they only understand that it is the bleeding. But no, it is a cycle of a whole month that progressively is changing, giving changes of mood, and increasing the sensitivity.

Tips for Calming Menstrual Pain

The worst part of this cycle is its culmination. I do not speak of the bleeding, but of his horrible friend, the pain of the belly.

If you are also affected by it, I invite you to continue reading the following tips to calm the menstrual pain.

Menstrual Pain

Eat healthily

Feeding is important for every part of our lives. Remember that you are what you eat, literally. If you tend to eat junk food, you will inevitably suffer the consequences. The recommended thing is always to have a balanced diet, where they are not saturated fat saturated, like the sugars. You should also remember not to abuse stimulants, like coffee.

In the menstrual cycle, food becomes very important because the female body is vulnerable and may suffer from stomach pains, which would aggravate the symptoms of the menstrual cycle. For these cases, it is better to consume light foods, which the body is able to assimilate quickly, and of course, in small portions and several times a day. This avoids any stomach problems and their horrible consequences.

Apply heat

The Internet is plagued with hundreds of memes where you can see women desperately trying to apply heat in the belly area. This type of scene is something that male members cannot understand, tending to dismiss women as “crazy”, which adds strong mockery and criticism, but even so, do not know the relief that This fact represents.

When heat is applied to the belly area, it helps to relax the muscles as well as helps reduce swelling, which results in a considerable reduction of pain.

But be careful. No one exaggerates to an absurd point. To apply heat simply place a compress bathed in hot water or a heat bag, and places it in the affected area for a few minutes. Do not use too high a temperature, otherwise, you will burn.

Menstrual Pain

Do exercise

When that monthly friend makes her appearance, the least that women want is to move. Many may have cursed to see this tip. It is not my intention to warm up the spirits, but the truth is that studies have shown that when performing low-impact exercises, the body tends to release endorphins, which naturally help to greatly reduce pain.

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I invite you to try it. Try to make a smooth run, or just walk. With this, you can enjoy those benefits. It is also recommended to practice yoga, specifically positions where pressure should be placed on the belly. Even so, it is preferable to leave this option aside if you have any type of medical condition such as high blood pressure, a hernia.

Stay in a quiet environment

One of the symptoms that can be seen more in these days is the susceptibility to any kind of stimuli, which causes that, in a matter of milliseconds, the woman enters a state of very bad mood.

It is here where everyone runs to protect themselves to avoid leaving on the front page of the morning newspaper with too many exaggerated headings “I kill him for looking at him badly.”

The effects of menstruation tend to be about taking oneself in calm environments. If you are in an environment of constant noise, or where there is a person who proves to be very irritating, peace will disappear, which will greatly increase stress, and in turn, can cause a sudden increase in menstrual pain.

Consume natural concoctions

The life we lead makes it impossible for us to eat natural foods. The juices or food we buy at the supermarket, every day are more and more artificial. This poses a risk to our health. It has even been shown that, at the moment, the corpses decompose more slowly, in comparison with those of old times. This is, in fact, consuming excessively high-preservative products.

Many women, to calm their menstrual pain, tend to consume drugs that are actually effective but have a high cost, as this will directly affect their system.

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If you have a very bad stomach, then it will be worse. There are natural alternatives to these drugs that, despite not being as potent as those made in laboratories, consumed in the right way; you will get the same results.

Consume medicines

I know, it is contradictory to the previous tip. But this point is reserved for women who do not have the time to consume natural alternatives as well as those that do not work for them. Remember, self-medication is not something I advise. You should consult your doctor before starting any type of treatment. Otherwise, you can get results you do not expect.

Menstrual Pain

Indulge yourself

Thinking constantly about pain will not make it go away. You must find a way to distract the mind. Try to do an activity that pleases you, or you can even prepare your favorite food for these days. And why not? Ask for it at home. Make of that day, your day. In this way, you will forget that the pain is there, or at least you will pay much less attention.

Being a woman is not easy, and any man who says otherwise deserves the worst punishment. Nature endowed women with great abilities and, although they also have their disadvantages, does not prove to be so relevant a fact as to judge them from that perspective.

Today, women are taking a much more important role in society and the monthly cycle should not be an impediment to continuing to struggle for an influential post. And remember, if you want to give nature a setback; do not forget to follow these tips to calm the menstrual pain.


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