Tips for Dealing with Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Many people are born with crooked teeth and other cosmetic dental problems. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry has evolved considerably over the last 20 years. You should understand the treatments available and the steps that you need to take to make sure that they work properly.

Finding Out What Cosmetic Procedures are Available

You will need to talk to your dentist to find out what cosmetic procedures are available. You will want to discuss the particular problems that you are facing to find out what treatment is most appropriate. Here are some common cosmetic dental problems and the treatments that you can take advantage of.

Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration is one of the most common cosmetic dental problems. One study found that over 3% of children suffer from it. The prevalence appears to be much more common in adults, because they tend to consume foods and drinks that are more likely to cause discoloration.

Fortunately, there are a couple of cosmetic treatments that can help. Most people prefer to use teeth whitening to remove these stains. Whitening treatments are most appropriate for people with serious discoloration problems. However, veneers are also very popular, especially for people with other cosmetic problems. A typical veneer will last between seven and twenty years.

Malformed Teeth

Many people suffer from crooked or otherwise malformed teeth as well. Some of these problems can lead to serious dental problems down the road, while others are purely cosmetic. At least 10% of the population has some dental imperfections that they are self-conscious of. Even if your teeth aren’t causing any long-term problems, you will feel more confident if the problem is taken care of.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that you may consider. You can use veneers, crowns and laser treatments to treat these problems and have a more confident smile.

What to Expect After a Treatment

Cosmetic dental procedures are pretty very straightforward. They aren’t usually painful, but there are still some things that you will need to be aware of. You may need a mild anesthesia for some cosmetic dental treatments.

You also need to understand what to do after the procedures. Here are some things that you need to be aware of:

  • Change your brushing habits. You don’t want to brush your teeth immediately after getting them whitened. You will need to let the solution settle first. You will also need to be know how to brush your veneers properly to avoid damaging them.
  • Know what to eat and drink. You may need to change your diet afterwards. You don’t want to eat highly acidic or bright colored foods that are going to reverse the changes that you paid for.
  • Be aware of sensitivity. Your teeth can be sensitive after any dental treatment. You will need to let your dentist know if you are experiencing any sensitivity so that you can make the necessary changes to address it.

You may need to make some temporary changes after getting a dental treatment. Make sure that you ask your dentist for more information.

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