Tips For Safely Taking Vitamins, Supplements, And Prescription Medications

Whether you prefer to take vitamins and supplements in order to hopefully prevent getting illnesses, or you prefer taking prescription medication once you are down with something, you still need to take precautions. While most vitamins and supplements are safe, and so are many prescription medications, you still want to know what you are taking. 

Safety Of Vitamins And Supplements

Most people will tell you that all vitamins and supplements are safe to take, but they too come with some risks. Follow the recommended directions when taking vitamins and supplements because you can overdose on them. Take some time to read the directions.

Don’t just read the bottle though, look up information online and talk to your doctor before you take vitamins and supplements. It’s likely they’ll be fine with you take them, but some things, like St. John’s Wort, can make prescription medications not work.

If you are taking a vitamin or supplement and you notice adverse side effects, stop taking them and talk to your doctor. Most of the time you may not have any problems, but the same goes for prescription medications.


Rules For Prescription Medications

Not only do you want to make sure you are following the directions on your prescription medications, but you also want to compare what your doctor said to what is on the bottle. Accidents happen. If you have any questions you can ask both your doctor and your pharmacist, since they too are trained to help you out.

Sometimes there can be cross-contamination in the making of prescription medications, unless the pharmacy is using automatic dispensing machines that can help avoid this. You can save yourself by paying attention to how you feel when taking a medication. If you have any side effects, talk to your doctor.

More importantly than anything, never stop taking a prescription medication without speaking to your doctor first. If your prescription was only for a week, take it for that whole week. If you are meant to be on it for an extended period and decide you no longer need it or want to take an alternative, talk to your doctor so they can help you safely stop your medication.

If you stop cold turkey on some medications, like those for high blood pressure, you could end up having a heart attack, or worse. It’s simple to call up the doctor and learn how to wean off your medications safely.

No matter what you prefer to take when it comes to feeling better or not getting sick in the first place, you still don’t want to just take whatever you want whenever you want. You still need to take time to read the label, know what you are taking, and following the instructions.

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