Tips to prevent cancer

40% of cancers are preventable, the new screening programs and available knowledge are key to reducing the incidence of a disease that remains one of the main causes of death. Today we bring you some tips to prevent cancer.

As each February 4 commemorated worldwide on World Cancer Day. This date’s main objective is to raise awareness throughout society about the importance of preventing this disease.

HealthDetecting cancer early can save many lives. Hence it is essential primary prevention campaigns at all levels and to raise awareness about the importance of healthy living. And it is that good habits are vital to reduce the likelihood of certain cancers. Rather, bad habits are responsible for many of tumors, so it is necessary to lead a healthy life and change those unhealthy habits.

How to prevent cancer

In our health blog we want to give some advice on how to prevent cancer, one of the most feared diseases of our society.

– Say goodbye to snuff
It should be clear that the snuff is one of the main enemies of our health. In fact, it is responsible for almost all deaths from lung cancer, which is most common among men and women second type. It also has a high incidence in other cancers such as larynx, esophagus and bladder. Specifically, smoking causes one third of all cancer deaths.

– Bring a healthy diet
Eat foods high in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals. Instead, it reduces the consumption of fatty foods. It is also advisable to consume more fish than meat, and among them, opt for white.

– Make exercise regularly
And performed moderate exercise regularly is one of the major allies of our health. It not only helps us to enjoy a better shape, but significantly decreases the risk of cancer.

– Remove the extra kilos
Being overweight is one of the main causes of many cancers, such as esophageal, pancreatic, breast or colorectal cancer. To achieve the ideal weight, the key is to lead an active life, with regular exercise and a healthy and balanced diet.

– Reduce alcohol consumption
Alcohol is guilty of many kinds of cancer, including colon cancer , liver, mouth and breast.

– Bask with caution
Cases of skin cancer have risen sharply in recent decades. The main risk factor is sun without proper protection. Avoid, also, always the middle of the day.

– Be aware of the warning signs
Excessive fatigue, unexplained weight loss, intestinal bleeding, any changes in a mole or persistent pain are some signs that warn us that we should consult with our doctor.

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