Top 5 Tips for New Denture Wearers

As the dental field is becoming more and more progressive when it comes to technology, dentures are starting to look more sophisticated than ever. That’s good to know when you’re someone who has already set an appointment to meet with your dentist so that you can get a set of them.

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But if you’ve never worn dentures before, there’s no doubt about the fact that getting used to them can certainly be an adjustment. So, if you’d like a few tips on things that you can do that will make wearing dentures a lot easier for you, please continue reading.

Watch how you eat. For the first several days, you’re going to need to ease into eating as you normally would. This means you should start off with a liquid diet and work your way up to soft and then hard foods. When you do begin eating solids, make sure to cut everything into very small pieces and that you chew everything slowly. Also, drink a lot of fluid with each meal. That will help keep food from sticking onto your dentures.

Keep them clean. Whether you have your natural teeth, dental implants or dentures, it’s important that you practice good oral hygiene at all times. However, this is especially the case when you have dentures. Aside from the fact that dirty ones are visually unappealing, they can also lead to oral infections as well. That’s why it’s important to rinse them out after every meal. For more tips on how to properly clean your dentures, visit Mayo Clinic and put “how do I clean dentures” in the search field.

Practice speaking in the mirror. For a very long time, you’ve been used to speaking with your natural teeth. But when you have dentures, it’s going to take a while for you to adjust to how they feel inside of your mouth. So when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night, practice speaking with them in front of your bathroom mirror. Be patient with the process. It’s not uncommon for it to take as much as six weeks before you start to feel truly confident with them on.

Wear your dentures every day. There’s absolutely no way that you’re going to feel comfortable in your dentures if you only wear them occasionally. Although it is going to take some time to get used to them being in your mouth, it’s still important that you wear them every single day. Also keep in mind that typically, it takes more time to adjust to your lower denture than your upper denture.

See your dentist if you need your dentures adjusted. If you happened to have your natural teeth and your dentist discovered that you suffered from bruxism, they would probably recommend that you purchase a dental mouth guard for grinding teeth. But if you have dentures and your mouth feels awkward, mention that to your dentist. They can adjust them for you so that your dentures will have a better fit. For information on options in dentures, visit WebMD and put “dentures” in the search field.


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