Top Things about Physiotherapy Still Unknown to You

Mishap can happen anytime to anyone. All of a sudden, one might lose the ability to move completely. It’s really sad! Can all medicines help you regain your movement? Well, apart from medicines, what works the best in assisting an individual in regaining his physical movement is physiotherapy. At times, it proves to be more beneficial than medicines also. So, if any of your body part has stopped moving or functioning in its potential way, appoint a physiotherapist right away.

Don’t undervalue a physiotherapist. They are trained healthcare professional and the following are facts that are unknown to many.


Let’s have a look at the different aspects of physical therapy you are not acquainted with.

  • Physiotherapists are capable of working in different kinds of setup like private practices, schools, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and in emergency rooms.
  • Physiotherapy is also of varied types including chest physios, neurological physios, post surgery physios, pain physios, sports physios, paediatricphysios and so on. in different body parts is treated with different kinds of physical therapy treatment.

 Physiotherapy can work better than medications in many instances

  •  Physiotherapists are highly qualified professionals. Many patients, even today, get surprised to learn that his physiotherapist has a degree.  Moreover physiotherapists ideally need to be registered with the Health Professions Council and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.
  • Physical therapy treatment cannot alone perform the magic. It doesn’t have a magic wand by which it can diminish the symptoms completely. The treatment can only be successful when the therapist and patient work together to meet the goal of the treatment.
  • ‘No pain, no gain’ is not true in every case. This proverb is not true in all the cases. In certain cases like making movements after knee replacement, this saying is rightly followed. But mostly, exercises and treatments in physiotherapy are comparatively pain-free.
  • Muscular massage in physical therapy treatment is not as relaxing as that in spas. Massages in physiotherapy are aimed at improving the mobility of some tissues of the muscles. The massage decreases tone and tightness.

Physiotherapy equipment also can assist in your rehabilitation and pain relief.  Some great exercise equipment, pain relief equipment, ice therapy, supports and braces can be purchased by going to the online shop by Physiocomestoyou Ltd.

In summary if in pain or finding mobility and function difficult, do not just rely on the medications but look at physiotherapy as another way to get you back to things you were doing before. You can now buy physiotherapy equipment online from many reputed stores to continue with your treatment.

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