Vitamins and Minerals That Aid in Weight Loss

Filling the gaps in your diet to create more gaps in your clothes

Changing your diet, picking healthier choices in foods and adding regular workout sessions can benefit weight loss immensely, but what if you are eating healthy and exercising regularly and still not getting the results you should be? There may be some underlying deficiencies in your diet that could be holding you back.

Especially common in people who are implementing low-calorie diets, nutrient deficiencies can cause health issues that will affect your weight loss progress. Taking a daily multi-vitamin from your MDVIP personalized healthcare provider can help, but there are some specific vitamins and minerals that can aid you in balancing out your health and meeting your weight loss goals. Look to this list to find a few options that you can add into your diet.


Omega-3, commonly found in fish oil, helps the brain trigger your body to burn fat and can help with emotional eating by boosting your mood. It can help suppress appetite and signal your body to let you know when it’s full, so you don’t over-eat. Taking a fish oil supplement is the fastest way to get more of this nutrient, but you can also incorporate it into your diet by eating more fish, especially salmon.

Vitamin B

Check with your doctor first to determine which vitamin B type that you are deficient in, but taking any type of this vitamin can be beneficial to weight loss. Vitamin B12 is the most commonly taken to aid in weight loss, because it boosts energy levels and immunity, which can help you in all aspects of life.

Vitamin D

It is easy to not get enough Vitamin D from your diet and environment, especially for those who do not get regular exposure to sunlight. This deficiency can not only lead to depression but also weight gain. Vitamin D helps to regulate insulin levels and the hormones that signal you to stop eating when you are full. Fix this issue easily by taking a supplement and getting outside for a short walk daily.


Zinc is a commonly underestimated and forgotten mineral that aids the body in a number of different ways. Not only can zinc be taken to boost your immune system, but also help to boost your metabolism and regulate your thyroid. Buy a supplement or simply make sure you are getting regular servings of meat and seafood.


Protein is crucial for any exercise routine. Protein is needed to build muscle, and the more muscle you replace with fat, the leaner you will look. It will also help to keep you fuller longer after each meal, even while you are training. Not to mention the added fat-burning benefits of having more muscle. Include a lean dose of protein in every meal for the best results or even add a protein supplement for a higher dose.

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