What are foods that take more hunger?

Learn about foods that are satisfying, not just fat, and that can be taken as a natural appetite inhibitors in place of drugs.

Drugs that act as appetite suppressants are beginning to proliferate as aids in weight control diets. However, if you try to lose weight or anxiety leads to uncontrolled eating, it is best choice to use inhibitors of appetite and food, for their fiber content or other micronutrients, help you keep hunger under control. In the list are less caloric.

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Like all grains, not fat as much as you think. Can consume in the form of flakes, bread or flour as oat bran. It has a mild laxative effect. Oatmeal also helps control anxiety and stimulates digestion. It is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and folate.


Upon contact with stomach fluids doubles or triples in volume and is forming a kind of viscous juice makes also it a powerful cleanser. Helps control bloating and eliminate toxins because of their mild laxative effect. It is usually found as part of special breads. Another option is to take a spoonful at breakfast mixed with water or fruit juice.


It is a classic snacks. Additional reactive intestinal bacteria. Why they are so effective in combating nausea and general discomfort when you are with flu or gastroenteritis. It is the fastest resource when hunger stalks.

Water or unsweetened tea

Another trick to fool the stomach bug is to take a glass of water or, failing that, some tea without any sweetener. If you like tea, green or red are good choices because its delicious taste fools the brain telling us we have eaten.

Eggs for breakfast

If you start your business with just one coffee, midmorning surely have an irresistible hunger. The best option is to eat a good breakfast (not too much) with a good combination of carbohydrates (bread with very little fat), natural fruit juice, coffee or tea and an egg to taste, no sauce. Will give you strength and avoid extra calories you consume with snacking.

Vegetable soup as starter

Another option, when looking for food appetite inhibitors, especially in winter, is used to make a vegetable soup with carrots, zucchini, squash, parsnips, green beans, leeks or onions (or other vegetables to taste) cooked with very little fat . With this gesture filled the stomach with a bowl of low-calorie and packed with vitamins and minerals. This gives you less hungry and do not abalanzarás on the rest of the menu.

Green salad

In summer you can substitute a soup vegetable salad dressed with one tablespoon of oil and a few drops of vinegar. You can mix lettuce with watercress, endive or spinach with tomatoes and some fruits (mangoes, papayas and oranges). Do not use sauces and nuts that although full, have enough calories.

Natural Fruit Juice

Perfect midmorning long as they are natural fruit. The boat, in addition to carrying a lot of sugar, no fiber. Therefore, do not fill as fresh squeezed and not take away hunger.


The vast majority of natural appetite suppressants drugs are made with edible seaweed. The can incorporate into your soups and salads. Sold dehydrated.


For its high content of beneficial fatty acids, salmon quite sated. Not to mention their protein, calcium, vitamins D and E. A slice away your appetite for hours.

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