What are the most effective methods to lose weight?

Nowadays there are plenty of methods to lose weight but what methods are best or which should be avoided dangerous or ineffective?

Slimming Methods
There are many theoretical methods to lose weight but few really effective. The main and most important is to want to lose weight.

Many people want to be slim down, which is not the same. The implication, I always say, it must be one of 100×100. Not only in the task of slimming.

HealthSome of the most common methods to lose weight

  • Big mistake starving, has no enduring advantage, yes many disadvantages, some say. Malnutrition, with consequent loss of tissue and blood (metabolic disorders). And then intake inappropriate and lacking in nutrients. Which is equal to obesity.
  • With exercise, this method is very healthy but ineffective if adequate and balanced diet will not lead, and even if you eat poorly, can lead to serious health disorders.
  • Laxative. GREAT ERROR, you can not list the amount of damages that may be violated at the metabolic level, as a violent loss of nutrients and intestinal irritation occurs. It is undoubtedly one of the worst ways to lose weight.

Other systems used for weight loss

  • Fasting. This technique can be beneficial to health in general, but we never think of fasting with one of the methods to lose weight. His practice is temporary and is not intended for weight loss. Under an expert has a medicinal application. I do not advise a total fast food, because it will be difficult to carry out, although somewhat thin, generates inexperienced practitioner discomfort and extreme weakness in a few hours, dizziness and devitalized. While a week, every three months, vegetables and vegetable soups, it will be interesting to health. They have cleaned the body from saturated fat. Not so in vegetarians or vegans.
  • Surgery as a solution to obesity. You should assess surgical interventions for morbid obesity in situations in which other methods, particularly the food and exercise have failed. Surgery, as everyone knows, involves high risk. For this reason it should be applied only in cases of severe obesity. This does not mean that the person operated on, if you keep eating poorly and abundant fat again. The stomach, with the passage of time and continued food intake, especially inappropriate and mixed with alcohol: beer, wine … will grow, it hyper retrofitted. Nor would therefore be one of the most interesting methods to lose weight or advisable (with exceptions).

What can we do to lose weight?
One of the best methods for weight loss and prevent weight gain is a balanced, reasoned diet with human reasoning logically, that I mean, not feed the hunger to quench compulsively in the shortest time possible.

Schedule a feed for the first few weeks of training in how to eat, and then use that knowledge in everyday life.

Knowing what we eat, how to eat, particularly what hurts us most, will be the best way of maintaining physical and mental being the problem at hand. Without neglecting daily exercise routine that can be done from home without gyms or large spaces.

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