What can help us neurolinguistic programming?

In recent years we keep hearing the word everywhere NLP or NLP but what is, what it does and how it applies?

History of NLP
Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP colloquially known as, was born in the early ’70s, hand John Grinder and Richard Bandler, both from the University of California. They studied three of the best therapists of the time: Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Milton Ericsson.

healthIn studying realized that, despite using very different techniques with their patients, three with brilliant success using very similar ways to communicate with them. Coded these forms of communication for anyone could use and achieve the same success: these are patterns of communication is what is known as NLP.

Components of NLP or NLP
Programming: Everything that happens to us in life is stored in our particular “mental software”. It is our personal life story. We can remove our mental software, update or install a new program. This changes our thinking and therefore our behavior.

Neuro: Refers to neurology. Not all people outside information captured in the same way. Some people are visual, others auditory and kin esthetic other. We capture the information differently and differently, installed it in the brain. So we have different ways of thinking and acting.

Linguistics: use language to order our thoughts and behaviors, and to communicate with others and express ourselves. We talked to our body, our face, our words and even our silent.

The map is not the territory
In simple terms, NLP or NLP is to say that each person captures information in a certain way, processes and install software or mental “map of the territory”.

That map, we all carry with us, is never the territory. Even the best world map is never the territory (ie, reality is never objective).

Same event, observed by several people, will never be interpreted identically by each of them (although it may be similar).

We can never know reality objectively, we can only interpret reality according to our “mental program” determined by what we have experienced so far today.

That mental program or map of the world that we have installed in us, the best we have done today, so there is no right or wrong maps. There are only maps that serve us and others that do not serve us.

When do we know if our map is useful or not?
When we used to run in life. If not served us thanks to NLP, we can change our map, so changing our thoughts and our actions.

Which map do you think is more useful?. One that contains only highways or other containing all possible means to get somewhere: motorways, highways, roads, county and local roads?

That is the use of a map: the wealth of options.

Benefits of NLP or NLP

  • Analyze your present state (where you are now) and your Desired State (the one where you want to be. Slimming, stop smoking, success, increase self-confidence, etc.), changing your internal resources ( emotions that are tied to your experiences).
  • Modeling people who have already achieved what you want to achieve (model is to imitate, even mean, do what they did to get it. Attitudes, ways of moving, action …)
  • Know yourself better (how to think and how to process information) and get to know other people.
  • Communicate more effectively with others, adapting your communication to each of them, depending on whether they are visual, auditory or kinesthetic.
  • Influencing others through your verbal and nonverbal communication techniques and mechanisms that influence people’s subconscious.
  • Resolve conflicts with others by changing the way you communicate with them.
  • Treating phobias.
  • Analyze your limiting beliefs and change them enhancer.
  • Increase your potential, realize you are not the circumstances of the world outside that limit you, but what you think of these circumstances.

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