What do professional rugby players eat for their pre-match nutrition?

Gone are the days when rugby players used to embrace the tradition of a pint and pie before and after a game. Professional rugby players now take care of their health the same way that elite athletes do, which means they need to fill their bodies with healthy, nutritional food if they want to keep up with the fierce competition on the pitch.


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Rugby players need to harness their massive strength and power to get the ball across the try line without being stopped. The best way to do this is to pre-plan their meals. In fact, almost 70 per cent of a successful training plan has to do with what goes into the body. Performing a rugby drill over and over again also helps, but it will be far more effective if it is combined with a healthy eating plan.

Protein and carb loading

There are many traditions in rugby, many of which revolve around food. For example, carb loading is something that some people still do today. Of course, if this is something that works for you, you don’t need to change. However, serious athletes have found that it helps to eat balanced meals of good fats, protein, carbohydrates and unlimited vegetables regularly throughout the week prior to the game, usually four or five times a day.

The right mixture of these types of foods can have countless benefits for your body, even if you are not an athlete or rugby player. Having the right, nutritious foods before a match can take commitment; it is much more effective to plan and prepare your meals before you need them so you are not tempted to grab something off a supermarket shelf when you are hungry. https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Rugby/ can give you advice on the exercise part of your training and http://www.rugbyworld.com/news/10-foods-rugby-players-eating-pre-season-37792 can advise on the right foods to choose.

Dedicated diet chefs

If you know you are going to be busy and out and about the day before a match, why not pack up your food and take it with you? If you find that the preparation and organisation of fresh food is too much work, there are companies out there that can make and deliver freshly prepared nutritious meals to your doorstep so you do not have to worry about looking for recipes and buying ingredients.

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