What symptoms may lead to wheat allergy?


Wheat allergies cause many health problems so many doctors have patients avoid these foods for a few weeks.

Does wheat allergy is just a rumor?
It is very curious that there are more and more doctors and therapists when they encounter a patient with unclear symptoms and do not respond to treatment … they tell you to stop taking wheat one season. In many cases the surprise is amazing and the patient improved remarkably. But why?

HealthTop Improvements
According to an American cardiologist Dr. William Davis, 70% of patients who withdrew wheat improved their blood sugar abnormalities, also patients with chronic digestive problems (bloating, gas, heartburn, diarrhea, etc.. ), chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, arthritis, common migraines, skin problems (psoriasis, dermatitis, etc..), cholesterol, diabetes, etc..

When I talk to other medical improvement may be otherwise very different disease or discomfort. A gentleman who sent me information on this subject told me that he had gone a hemorrhoid that had bothered him since … 30 years.

The controversy is served
This doctor published an essay with these results on wheat allergy, its causes and how we are perniciously influence on health. Of course the weight of the food industry fell on him since wheat is a staple cereal is as an ingredient in countless processed foods.

What might be the causes of this problem?
The most important cause of the current wheat allergy has been the ongoing quest to find a wheat that produces a larger amount of flour. In short, make it more profitable.

This “modern” wheat, genetically modified is one of the causes (among other factors) of this “epidemic” disease. Soon this “modern” wheat, the result of decades of research and crosses may be the only one sow and buy as production and sale of wheat seed is in hand a few companies. It is agribusiness.

Insulin resistance
According to Davis another of the symptoms of wheat allergy is that people develop a resistance to insulin and that is one of the root causes of cardiovascular disease.

Makes us shoot appetite (especially carbohydrates such as sodas, snacks, biscuits, bread, sugar, etc..).
The plague of diabetes is already dreadful and in the coming years will only increase.

What alternatives are there?
When we try to see if our health problems may be related to a possible wheat allergy ideally not take anything containing wheat.

Alternatively we called Spelt wheat and another variety called Kamut. Both are varieties of “old” wheat means that have not been (at least so far) genetic “improvements”. We can also find bread, pasta, tortillas, etc.. from maize, rice, quinoa, etc..

Conclusion on wheat allergy
The internet has advantages and disadvantages and on the same information that we find totally opposite opinions. Our advice is always not to put at risk the health, experiment with food in order to find solutions to our problems.

There are things that sometimes seem to have no logic but they work. If we think that allergy may be the cause of our particular problem … let’s try a couple of months and see. We have nothing to lose (except a kilo) and much to gain.


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