White label foods that you should never buy

Generic products are usually a good choice: same quality at a lower price. However, there are some white label foods that you should avoid buying. Find out what they are and keep it in mind the next time you make the shopping list.

Any saver and the smart consumer knows this: as a general rule, it is worth buying generic products since they offer the same quality at a much lower price. Disbursing money for the label is the least absurd.White label foods

This applies to all types of products, from medicines to food; Being generic does not mean it is less effective, nutritious or tasty.

What white label foods that you should never buy

However, there are some exceptions. There are some white label foods that you should try to avoid buying according to nutrition experts. We explain what they are and why so that you have it in mind in your next visit to the supermarket.

CheeseWhite label foods

Cheap or white label cheese usually has unnecessary additives and additives, more than a brand or better quality cheese. It also tastes worse.

KetchupWhite label foods

Reserve the generic tomato sauce for recipes that require less quantity. If what you want is a sauce for your spaghetti, better opt for a brand; They use higher quality tomatoes and better olive oil, so the taste is better, and they also contain less added sugars and sodium.

Olive oilWhite label foods

One study revealed that 70% of the olive oil was not really an extra virgin, but it is in the best interest of branded products to maintain its reputation. You can look at the harvest date on the label to see if the product is quality or not – if it does not appear … bad business.

CerealsWhite label foods

Given the number of ingredients that cereals have, there can be a lot of difference between a generic and a branded product. Look carefully at the added sugars, the amount of fiber, all this can change a lot between one product and another.

EggsWhite label foods

Cheap eggs are equivalent to poorly fed hens and with worse care. This is not only important for the treatment of the animal but also contains fewer nutrients and more saturated fats. It may be profitable to pay a little more for that dozen eggs. Continue reading- The best 4 vitamins to take care of your skin health

YogurtWhite label foods

You may like the taste of generic yogurt more, but nutritionists advise looking at the label well since sometimes they add additives or added sugars.

SaucesWhite label foods

This is not a matter of nutrition, but of flavor. If in your supermarket they sell a fantastic white label sauce for it, but in many cases, the taste is worse.

CoffeeWhite label foods

Coffee is among the most adulterated products on the market, adding all kinds of products that worsen quality and taste. If you buy the white label that is organic.

ChocolateWhite label foods

If you are someone who buys dark chocolate to take care of your health, look carefully at the label, it may not be of any use. Many producers claim that their chocolate is organic or that they have a certain percentage of false cocoa. Read the label well before buying the cheap tablet.

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