Why older people can be reluctant to enter a nursing home

Older people often refuse to consider a move to a nursing home because in the past there were always negative connotations associated with them. In the past, for example, grown up children put their parents into a home when they were soon to pass on. So, the idea stuck that nursing homes were a place to die. Today, this is far from the truth. Nursing homes can be places for older people to enjoy, be comfortable and thrive during this stage of their lives.

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The elderly can often be judged by their age, but they are still adults who have been responsible for bringing up their families, helping their partners, developing a lifetime of work, etc. It can be hard emotionally to accept these things no longer apply. As the years pass by, they come to realize that they are not responsible for the lives of their children or grandchildren and must move on. They came to the point where maintaining a career is no longer a choice and thus need to release that image too. They may even lose a spouse.

Therefore, the last thing they want to give up control over is themselves. It can feel like they are returning to a childlike state, having others care for them rather than being the responsible adult they have been for decades. This can feel even more acute if they have resided in the same house for many years and have fond memories there. To move out feels like leaving behind everything they know. Some seniors believe that a nursing home is where you go to die. Once you enter, you will not leave again except after your death. When you look at it this way, you can appreciate why it is a move that is often refused.

A small number of seniors make their own decision to go into a nursing home. They see the danger of living alone in their weak state and are happy to have the comfort of knowing assistance is available without calling their children constantly. However, most seniors need to be persuaded by their worried children who do not want them found in a pile at the bottom of the stairs after a fall. If a senior can be given as much dignity and maintain a semblance of control over their lives as possible, the process should run more smoothly. Which is why the alternative of home care is so attractive to many older people and their families. For more information on Live in Care Birmingham, visit a site like liveincare.com, a leading provider of Live in Care Birmingham.

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There are professionals available to help both seniors and their families cope with the transition into care. The family physician or other health care provider can talk with them about any concerns about their mental or physical condition. Many facilities have staff to assist in the event that a transition comes after time being spent in hospital, for example. Care companies have professional staff that assesses the applicant and can work with families to answer any questions and facilitate the transition to having a care worker in the family home.

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