Why one should prefer Piracetam as a cognitive supplement

Piracetam, the most popular and effective supplement (also known as nootropic) which actually boosts cognitive abilities of brain like focus, concentration etc. In 1960, it was unearthed and known to be the compound that step up neurotransmitters in the brain with no repercussions on body. One who finds cramming difficult and cannot perform in exams owing to mediocre ‘swotting’ skills would find Piracetam way more effective. One can also use it to stimulate the production of new brain cells. Those patients who find themselves susceptible to following problems should incline towards Piracetam for abrupt and positive results:-


  • Memory drainage problems.
  • Find it difficult to retain concepts, hence hampered learning skills.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Depression.

Effects after Piracetam intake

Within 30 minutes, one start feeling the effects of Piracetam intake. After its intake, people tend to start experiencing some psychological improvements in themselves. Contingent on the level of sensitivity, its effects include improved concentration, more dedication, conscious towards work, vigor and alertness. Some people are reported while saying that after having Piracetam they feel that they are in the zone and no more work can make them exhaust or diminish their mental energy. Psychologists relate this behavior to decrease in mental strain. If one start finding procrastination a wearisome/odd job or his productivity get increase manifold, then it implies that effect of Piracetam is taking its toll and is reaping favorable results by acting as nootropic.

What Piracetam actually do once it gets in? It improves neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity actually refer to the fact how via learning and memory, our brain make up new connections. It also act as a significant indicant of existing brain cells’ health and also play its pivot role in creation of new brain cells. Neuroplasticity (also known as synaptic plasticity) is by large related to presence of neurotransmitters and concentration of oxygen in brain.

In the nutshell,

Neurotransmitters ∞ Energy of brain cells

Piracetam actually perform its function by increasing the proportion of two neurotransmitters in the brain, acetylcholine and glutamate. It also regulate the blood flow and oxygen level in brain thus consequently skite energy resources present in brain. This is why, it is known as the best nootropic ever synthesized which results in enhancement cognitive ability of patient.

Latest research has revealed that Piracetam render positive impact on perception and sensory alertness as well. Colors may appear brighter then they actuality are, sounds may seem louder than actual magnitude, smells may get sharper and pungent as opposed to real, and touches may get more distinct. Have you ever wondered why Athletes so keenly use Piracetam? Because of its ability to elicit physical awareness and heightened clarity.

Piracetam can effectuate relief in case one get succumbed to social anxiety or trauma. It can also furnish comfort in various social and conversational ills. After Piracetam recurring intake, one may find speaking confidently in small groups or in front of large audience an easy going task. One wouldn’t have need to think a lot before channelize his thoughts to tongue.

What Side Effects Piracetam hold in?

Piracetam is such supplement one can use without paying any heed to its repercussion. There are few side effects which have been reported but they do not interact with rest of the drugs. The whole class of nootropics (to which Piracetam belongs) is designed in such a way that they lie at low score in the continuum of therapeutic toxicity index. Those who tend to take heavy dosage of Piracetam may find themselves prone to following list of Piracetam effects like sleeping sickness, nausea, anxiety, lethargy and headache.

As Piracetam enhance the production of a neurotransmitter named as acetylcholine in brain, one should ensure that there is optimum proportion of Piracetam present in body to support demand.

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