7 Reasons Why E-Cigarette is Better than Traditional Cigarettes

Technology has provided smokers with a new alternative to the traditional tobacco-laden cigarette. Although electronic cigarette has received mixed response from the scientific community with respect to its lethality, here are a few reasons to show how it can be considered a better option than conventional cigarettes. 

1)     Variety of Flavors to Tickle Your Senses: E-cigarette gives smokers the scope to enjoy their desired flavor while smoking. E-Cigarettes offer a variety of flavors to choose from, for example, menthol, bubblegum, cola, fruity, candy, and many more. Some of the online sites have also come up with e-cigars with unusual flavors like smoked bacon, Red Bull Flavor, Garlic Bread, Ketchup, and what not! You name it and they have it!

2)     Smokeless; Worriless: Often smokers are left isolated because of the suffocating smoke emanating from their cigarettes. There are many public spaces like office, cinema halls, restaurants, bus stops, and airports etc., where smoking is banned. But with e-cigar, you do not have to worry about all this. As there is no tobacco, no smoke, and no odor, you have the liberty to puff anywhere you want without bothering anybody.

3)     No Need to Carry a Lighter: E-cigars have come as a boon for those smokers who are too lazy or forgetful to carry a lighter or a matchbox around with them and end up asking others to light their cigarette.  E-cigar like any other electronic device requires charging up to 2 to 4 hours. Once fully charged, all you need to do is twist it a bit or in some cases just press a button and start inhaling.


4)     Lesser Number of Harmful Ingredients: Conventional cigarettes are laden with nearly 599 harmful chemicals which when burned produce 4000 more chemical compounds.  69 of these have been identified as carcinogenic. In comparison, e-cigarettes contain only four basic ingredients like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavoring and are completely devoid of tobacco. So the e-cigarette user is exposed to a much lower level of toxic compounds.

5)     Range of Models for Different Levels of Smokers: There is an unlimited range of brands and models of e-cigarettes available online and in the market. But basically there are three major varieties for three different levels of smokers. Minis are meant for first time users, who recently have switched from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, Mid-sized ones are for heavy smokers, and Mods are specially designed with Hi-Tech features for the advanced level smokers to give them a unique customized smoking experience.

6)     Sleek, Stylish, and Sophisticated: Smokers can now easily make a style statement at their office or at a party with an e-cigarette.  As such e-cigarettes are very convenient to carry and good to look at, but manufacturers are now flooding the market with more fashionable and designer e-cigars. Some of the stylish models, for example, are the colorful HW-5110C model fromWarWick, diamond studded Shenzhen Pacific Ocean’s B-025 model, pen-styled EGQ-W-M-1-1 model from Shenzhen Kaiwei, and real Cigarette- looking HK Fucheng’s model DE50.

7)     Helps Quit Smoking: Several researches have suggested that e-cigarette indeed aids in cessation of smoking. It enables smokers to regulate the level of nicotine inhaled, and this slowly encourages them to cut down their tobacco intake and finally give up smoking. Online market is also full of electronic vaporizers, for example, Magic Flight Launch Box which provide a medium to mimic the act of smoking to satisfy your addiction cravings.

These reasons, however, are not intended to encourage people to smoke. Smoking no matter in which ever form is injurious to health and people should abstain from it.

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Smith Woods lets you understand more about e-cigarettes and their benefits over traditional cigarettes. He also suggests some quality vaporizers like Magic Flight Launch Box that take care of your craving towards smoking to some extent.

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