The best forearm exercises

The forearm is one of the most critical and important muscle areas when exercising, much more than it may seem at the beginning. Movements such as dominated or deadlifts have a lot to do with our strength in the forearm since if we do not have it properly exercised, it will significantly ballast us. We share some best forearm exercises.

Besides, having giant biceps and a small forearm is not aesthetic, being essential to exercise it so that it keeps a certain harmony. In addition, it is a very easy muscle to congest, since it is a very small region compared to other large areas of the body.

In-home exercises, we have prepared a list of the best forearm exercises. As we tend to clarify, there are others that are equally important in this task, and we will expand this list in future articles.

Best forearm exercises

Forearm Exercises – Wrist Curlbest forearm exercises

The wrist curl is the most famous isolation exercise for working the forearms. It consists of making a curl or curl movement only with the wrist, helping us to work the forearm thoroughly.

Forearm Exercises – Farmer’s Stepbest forearm exercises

The farmer’s step is a brutal exercise to strengthen the forearms. A weak grip means that we will not be able to properly hold the weight between our hands. In addition, it will help us tone and gain muscle mass in that area quickly:

Forearm exercises – Spins with disc

The spins with the disc is a little known exercise to exercise the forearms but very simple and effective. It consists only of taking a disc with a neutral grip, with one or two hands and keeping it as long as we can. This will transmit a lot of tension to the wrist and forearms, which will stimulate the creation of muscle mass:

Forearm Exercises – Wrist Curl Lying in Supination

The wrist curl lying in supination is the strangest exercise in this list of exercises but it helps to work the forearm in a very different way from other exercises. It consists of lying on the side with a dumbbell held in supination and twisting with the wrist, as we can see in the following video:

Forearm exercises – Dominated with two fingers

The dominated with two fingers is one of the best variants to strengthen the wrists and forearms. It consists of holding the pull-up bar (get your pull-up bar here at the best price) with the index finger and with the middle finger of each hand and tries to make the common dominated movement, being much more complicated by significantly increasing the tension in the dolls.


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