Discover the most natural and healthy makeup

The natural cosmetic is fashionable, but in some cases it may be a bit expensive. Therefore, in this article we offer some all-natural products and used for centuries not only allow you to have a perfect face, but also benefit from its therapeutic benefits.

Discover kohl or kajal, ghee, fassi aker and beet powder and surprise everyone with your makeup 100% natural.

BeautyConventional cosmetics

Conventional cosmetic products are usually quite toxic because they contain harsh skin care products because they must have powerful and lasting effects. For that they contain heavy metals, petroleum products, etc.

An alternative is natural cosmetics, which can be purchased in health food shops and health food stores, but whose prices tend to be considerably higher.

In this article we offer some cheaper options, which are based on all-natural products that have traditionally been used in many cultures to beautify the face of women.

Kohl or kajal

This mineral dark ink comes mainly from India, where it has been traditionally used by both men and women and even children.

It began to possibly use in ancient Egypt, and therefore not surprising we see the eyes makeup of remarkable way in the faces of the pharaohs.

This product is an intense dark color, which illuminates the eye and makes eyes look bigger.

In addition, the great advantage of khol is that not only does not contain harmful ingredients for eye health, but quite the opposite: it is therapeutic. Its use is a protection to keep the eyes clean of impurities and also minimizes the effects of intense light to those who suffer some photo sensitivity.

How do you use it?

Its use is easy, similar to any eyeliner, but we have a good pulse and start with small quantities, since its effect is very noticeable.

Where can I buy it?

Herbalists and shops of products from India or worldwide.


Ghee or clarified butter, a much healthier than conventional butter, ayurveda culture that has been used therapeutically for centuries food.

In this case it is included in this article because it also can be used as a cosmetic to beautify and keep our eyes hydrated and luminous.

How do you use it?

  • Will fill a bottle with dropper, previously sterilized.
  • Every morning when we wake up, we apply a drop in each eye. If it is cold, the ghee will be hardened, so we warm it with a little hot water.
  • For a moment we will have blurred, but within minutes our eyes are bright and seem even larger.

How they painted lips women formerly? One option they had was the aker fassi, the more traditional lipstick Arab countries, especially in the Berber villages.

It is made ​​from the powder of some plants such as opium, poppy and bark of Granada. He stands in a small clay pot and let it dry in the sun, so that the red dust is also embedded in the container.

The color that will give us is a dark pink or red.

How do you use it?

Each time you want to use we moisten slightly. We recommend using a makeup brush because, if we do directly with the finger, also we will stain.

It can also be used as a blush to the cheeks, but need a little practice to get the right without being too showy shades.

Beet powder

The beet is an excellent natural dye and also has a beautiful purple color, ideal for our lips. Today beet powder is sold in health food stores and natural cosmetics, which is also a way to show attractive lips.

How do you use it?

We can moisten it and use it directly on the lips, but if we want to be more practical and durable, we can prepare a simple lip beet mixing the powder with beeswax and coconut oil in a water bath. The amounts depend on whether we want a more consistent or more creamy texture.

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