Five good foods to improve your diet

The idea behind eating healthy is to aim to eat foods that give us a great supply of nutrients and which in turn contain the fewest calories. To fulfill this purpose today we share five foods you can add to your repertoire and improve your weight, your health and your energy levels.

Fish rich in omega 3
All fish are healthy and a great source of protein, but there are some that contain more omega-3 than others. We have spoken of Omega 3 recently and noted how good it is to use more body fat as fuel. But besides this type of fat is well known to reduce the risk of heart disease and help with arthritis, improve memory, and to combat Alzheimer reduce depression.

DietThese are the best sources: mackerel, lake trout, sardines, albacore tuna and salmon

Delicious flavor, we are talking about a fruit that is considered a super food. Blueberries contain impressive amounts of anti-oxidants and are one of the best foods to fight diseases like cancer and to stay young. This berry also contains a high level of nutrients and vitamin C which are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Be sure to include blueberries in your diet, as each gram is worth more than its weight.

A glass of cranberry juice every day can be a great way to incorporate them.

Tea (white, green, black, red)

Not everyone realizes how incredibly powerful the tea. But the antioxidants in the green tea and black tea are so high that example to show fight cancer and cholesterol. White tea improves the immune system and red tea also contributes his own. There are many reasons to drink tea, and antioxidants are apparently only present in these herbs in good quantities.

One or two cups of tea of your choice every day …

Black chocolate
Yes, what you read, black chocolate. The chocolate is not only good because it is rich, it is a great source of antioxidants. In this case the quantities have to be moderated because they contain many calories, but between the properties of black chocolate (and not just any chocolate but black) spoke of their antioxidants that have the power to reduce blood pressure among other things.

A small little square every other day is a good way to incorporate it.

All nuts are good for your health, even your diet. They have the power to make us feel happy, keep us wonderfully well nourished, and its high concentration of healthy fats turn them into something that our body needs. But like chocolate, every other day a handful can be ideal. They have lots of vegetable fiber and protein in small doses to help lose weight.

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