Henna tattoo step by step!

Throughout history people have always liked to adorn their bodies with drawings and paintings and one way to do henna tattoos are.

What is henna?
The henna or henna is, in its origin, a natural hair dye from redness and is also used to make tattoos coloring the skin using a technique called mehandi.

BeautyHenna plant that grows in warm climates and are white and fragrant flowers, dried leaves that once crushed into a powder used.
The tradition of henna tattooing goes back more than five thousand years.

Henna tattoo designs
Depending on the countries that emerged using different types of tattoo design.

  • Tattoo designs African Henna: geometric drawings are large and thick lines. They are relatively simple to perform. They usually use black henna, considered inadvisable as it can cause allergies.
  • Arab or Middle Eastern designs: they tend to use more useful than African floral designs.
  • Designs Henna or mehandi South Asia are very elaborate and very fine lines and designs are the most popular have been made.

To prepare henna tattoos need to

  • Henna powder.
  • Cone applicator.
  • Limes or lemons.
  • Water.
  • Henna essential oil.
  • Sugar.
  • Tea or coffee powder.

In a bowl mix the ingredients by following the instructions of preparation that lead us to buy henna.
The mixture should stay thick, similar to the potato mash texture, free of lumps.

We can prepare only with water or use coffee that will give a darker tone.
We must let the mixture stand for some hours.
Sugar mixed with lemon helps the henna tattoo is best sticking to our skin.

As us a henna tattoo
We need a template with the picture that we want to make, and place them on the body part where you want to wear the tattoo.
We have prepared the dough with a spatula apply and withdraw after three minutes template.

We must let the henna dry and apply past thirty minutes, with cotton, mix lemon juice and sugar that we will have prepared and let dry overnight. Carefully remove the pulp and design will be etched in our skin.

Depending on the origin of the henna, the pigmentation of our skin, and the area where we make henna tattoo, it will have one color or another.

Duration henna tattoo
The residence time of henna tattoo depends on the area where we have made.

Depending on the quality of the henna you’ve used for the tattoo, wash them as the tattooed area, we use the gel and the ph of our skin, we can show off our tattoo between one and three weeks. If we protect it with Vaseline when we duchemos endure any longer.

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