How Breastfeeding Can Promote Healthy Brain Development

Breastfeeding is the term given to the process of nourishing the child through breast milk. All lactating women are capable of breastfeeding a growing baby or infant. You would notice that right after you give birth, you are encouraged to breastfeed your baby before feeding them with bottled milk. This implies that mother’s milk is full of nutrients needed for proper growth and development of all body parts, especially the brain. You may also like to visit

how-breastfeeding-can-promote-healthy-brain-developmentMany researchers who have conducted their studies of children that are breastfed during their early years showed higher IQ than those who were formula-fed children. It is concluded that there are ingredients in the mother’s milk that enhances brain growth.

What Makes Mother’s Milk Ideal for Brain Development?

An omega 3-fatty acid, known as DHA (docasahexaenoic acid) is a brain-boosting agent. Although the bottled milk also has this ingredient, yet a recent study shows that there is much a higher concentration of DHA on the brains of those breastfed children. Many experts call these smarter fats.

Lactating mothers also need to make sure that their diet is rich in DHA so that the children feeding on them could get the complete nutrients. It was suggested that brain supplements have DHA, which are ideal for mothers. The smart drugs can be part of their diet so there is no need to problem if they are eating foods rich in DHA, brain enhancers would take care of that.

The high cholesterol breast milk is a very essential part of the brain development. These are needed by growing infants to make certain that they perform complete brain formation sharpening their mind as it enhances their cognitive processes.

Lactose as the main ingredient of break milk is usually broken down into two sugars that are responsible for brain tissue development. This would result to proper functioning of those other body parts that are expected to be connected with the brain.

In the first two years of a growing child, there is a rapid brain development, which is very crucial if not supported by the needed nutrients. Since breast milk almost has it all, it is encouraged that up to two years, babies should be breast-fed.

With a complete brain-growth of your child, you could expect him to grow smarter because there is no reason that he would be incompletely nourished. You should also take good care of yourself by eating and drinking healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, including additions of the brain enhancers as your support.

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