How to cure allergies Christmas

Right in the time in which we can enjoy a few free days, is when also many people suffer with the allergens from the station. So do not despair and coping with better this condition, we tell you how to cure allergies Christmas.

How to cure allergiesAt this time allergies are suffering are different, some are caused by food, pets, wood-burning fireplaces, mold and moisture (among others). If you live in a place where it rains much or snow for this season, or perhaps by the flowers and the trees if the area you are it is hot.

How to cure allergies Christmas

First determine what is affecting you; for example, if you know that your problem is accentuated when you go outdoors, not you can think out exercising outdoors.

If your allergy is food, then find out very well what the menu will be prepared for the holidays to make sure that it does not contain any harmful ingredients for you. If you don’t have clear what kind of food you produce allergic reactions, it opts not to consume:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Dried fruits (walnuts, cashews, etc)
  • Fish and seafood
  • Soy or wheat

If your problems are mites, then while the sun rises, tends clothes of bed, curtains and cushions outside in the Sun, two hours of direct sun will leave them as new. You can also resort to the use of a dehumidifier or humidifier environments as appropriate.

Christmas allergies-beware

Keep in mind that mold and spores are also detached from the typical Christmas ornaments, starting with the footballer Christmas tree through the garlands and ending with some decorative plants. Better opt for everything that is artificial when decorating is concerned.

If this Christmas you move from your usual address, then make sure there you go where no pet. If you know that you will have to live with them and that you are allergic to the hair or whatever that you generate allergic to certain animals, speak with your doctor so that prescribe you any medications of several that exist to counter the effects of your allergy.

It is also a good idea if you have the possibility, which reports that you are allergic to animals, so that they take the necessary precautions as for example have clean floors and carpets vacuumed.

Try to be calm and not go through stressful situations that will contribute to aggravate your allergy box; keep in mind that stress down the body’s defenses which also decreases your ability to deal with the allergies of Christmas or seasonal allergies.

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