Keratin hair is recomendalbe relaxers?

The keratin hair straightening interpenetrate are trendy lately, but we need to know whether this system to straighten hair can hurt.

Keratin to straighten hair
Most people who have curly hair dream of getting a smooth, easy to comb and manage and do not stop trying new treatments that enable them to get a hair without hair curls.

beautyLately it has become fashionable to use Keratin treatments for hair straightening, Brazilian straightening is called.

Keratin is a protein that forms part of the composition of our hair and most products on the market to straighten hair with keratin composition.

How Keratin straightening done?

  • First you have to wash your hair and dry, but not quite, as it should be slightly damp to apply the smoothing treatment.
  • The hair is separated into sections and smoothing keratin based solution is applied on it.
  • After applying the keratin hair straightening has to pass a hot iron to seal the keratin.
  • Once done with keratin straightening should not wash your hair until three or four days and get our hair will stay smooth for two or three months.

Do you have any health risk using keratin treatments for hair?
There are many voices have been raised against the use of some of the straighteners based on keratin that exist in the market because one of the products that are part of its composition is potentially dangerous to your health, not only for people who receive treatment also for those who are applying.

This product is formaldehyde, which in concentrations greater than 0.2% is prohibited, although some formulas which exceed this concentration.

If you exceed the 0.2% can cause skin problems, eye and even the hair and, as already mentioned, not only the user but also to the manipulator.

Better without formaldehyde
If we decide us a keratin treatment cross must inform of the risks, it is advisable to consult a professional who deserves us good confidence.

We look for products that, if possible, do not contain formaldehyde and if they contain never exceed 0.2% allowed.
It is convenient to make the treatment more than two or three times a year and always be performed by specialized professionals.

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