Tips to avoid dry skin

What to know about the dry and irritated skin?

As was said earlier, if the skin is dry, “scrape” to the touch. But there are other symptoms of irritated or dry skin: scales, redness, irritation, acne, cracks, pores, itching, and roughness. All this translates into an ugly appearance, which may show a lack of care or attention, especially in the face.

Skin CareDo not wear irritants

Some soaps, creams or lotions are very strong and damage sensitive or prone to become dry or irritated skin. Is that these products are natural, organic or low scent, where possible, try the soap also is neutral. Wash the face with natural ingredients, trying to use a small amount.

Avoid chlorinated water

If you practice swimming or if your city is often heavily chlorinated water, at least try not to make contact with your face if it is too hot. Leaving the pool or swim finish, using rose water or mineral water to remove any excess chlorine . Then apply a gel or cream of aloe vera to moisturize.

Beware of the sun

While it is harmful to all people when taken in excess, in the case of those with dry or irritable skin will be even worse effects. This does not mean you stop sunbathing if want to look tanned, but that you protect yourself properly and you’re not outdoors or under the umbrella between 11 and 15 hours.

Consume more antioxidants

Within this wonderful group of foods that stimulate your skin and allow to regenerate can not name goji berries, blueberries, and broccoli, but there are much more. Bring a healthier diet and see the changes in your skin. It will look magic!

Get enough rest

If you do not sleep 7 to 8 hours every day, the skin (especially of your face) is not completely recovering. Lack of sleep is seen in the face with bags under the eyes , little overall brightness, looking “lifeless”, etc.


If you go out in winter, wearing a scarf that covers the nose down, to prevent cold and the wind dry out your skin. If you’ll be in a very hot environment, drink a lot of water. Do not smoke or remain in places where there is too much smoke. Visit for more health tips.

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