What are the benefits of bentonite clay for health?

We now know the healthy uses of bentonite clay, originating in the United States and also used to make pottery or industry.

Bentonite clay
It is a type of native clay Fort Benton, in the heart of Montana, United States. Hence its name. Sticky and spongy in contact with water, is usually white, but there are greenish and reddish varieties (with iron components).

HealthUses of bentonite clay
It has traditionally been used as building material in some chemical processes or oil industry and also for quality ceramic. It was not until a few years ago when bentonite was introduced in spas and Western herbalists.

Medicinal properties of the bentonite clay
And this has been true for their supposed (not all are tested) medicinal and pharmacological properties. It is true that clay is a widely used compound, especially topically for centuries. That does not mean all are good, great or almost magical. It will depend on the chemicals involved in its formation, as any mineral element.

Bentonite clay, today, is used orally (to be swallowed) and with a topical use. Serves especially for:

  • Detoxify the whole body, and dragging heavy minerals and toxins.
  • Make enemas colon in people with problems in this part of the body. Orally is not absorbed by the body and is ejected as it is.
  • Topically to treat eczema and minor skin conditions. Also calm and serene.
  • As bath salts to cleanse the body of bacteria or relaxing.

Precautions and contraindications of bentonite clay to consider
Bentonite clay is available in many online stores, in some cases, even if not specified is suitable for oral or topical use. Just put the amount and (very economical, btw) price. That said, when using this preparation have to keep in mind:

  • Orally, also binds to minerals, vitamins and medications. So you have to take at least two hours before any prescription drug and meals.
  • You also have to follow the indicated dosage and drink plenty of water because it can fall into the opposite effect in a bowel obstruction that required even in emergency treatment.
  • One must be very scrupulous when purchasing these preparations on the internet before asking for their purity and cleanliness in the handling process. Certain compounds carry fungi and microorganisms hazardous to health. Do not eat any prepared you have not bought in pharmacies or herbalists confidence.
  • Some people are allergic to the minerals present in the clay. If you plan to use as a mask, ointment or cream, not tested before in a very visible area of your body and wait for the reaction. Such allergies are usually to gravity, producing an itch in the epidermis that takes weeks to disappear.
  • Do not use any clay on open wounds or small children.

Did you know …?
The clay is used in India as a cleanser: to eliminate mites, lice and dirt. Is still used for this purpose. It was also common in the toilets of the ladies of the high society of Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra was a regular at the (very rich in trace elements) of his native Nile mud.

From here came the Roman baths and Arabs which were popular until its demise (considering them unfit for morale) will start around the middle ages. Modern spas are taking up this tradition with ancient ingredients like gourmets.

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