How Can You Maximise Your Iron Absorption?

Iron is an essential mineral in the body, and the lack of it can cause severe problems. Fortunately, if you are not producing enough iron, there are supplements that can be taken, and there are ways to maximise the amount of iron your body absorbs.

How Can You Maximise Your Iron Absorption

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Anaemia caused by iron deficiency is one of the world’s most common diseases, so ensuring that you absorb iron properly is essential. These tips can help you avoid anaemia and other similar iron-related issues and keep you healthy.

Opt for Heme Iron Sources

Nonheme, or plant-based iron such as that found in spinach, is far harder to absorb than heme, or animal-based iron. By sticking to a diet that’s filled with food such as chicken livers, red meat and oysters, you can boost not only your iron levels but also the rate and success at which your body absorbs iron. Nonheme iron is still an excellent option too, and including this in your diet not only adds balance but also teaches your body to work harder to absorb the minerals it needs.

Avoid Too Much Tea and Coffee

Both tea and coffee have been proven to prevent the absorption of iron if you drink them after a meal. They can also affect the absorption of a liquid iron supplement at any time, so avoid taking the two together or close together whenever possible. For many, the question is: what is an iron supplement? It needs to be answered, and this is simple. It’s a supplement that provides the body with the iron in the dosage it needs. This supplement is the same as the iron the body produces and thus may be treated in the same way when it comes to absorption.

How Can You Maximise Your Iron Absorption2

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Steer Clear of Too Much Dairy

Dairy can also prevent the absorption of iron. Avoid drinking milk or eating meals with lots of cheese or cream at the same time as taking iron supplements, and try to steer clear of too much dairy if your iron levels are low and you want to build them up quickly.

Cook in Cast Iron

Studies have shown that when you cook in cast iron pots the food absorbs a tiny bit of iron and can help boost your iron levels. By regularly using cast iron pots and pans, you may increase your iron levels slightly!

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