The Importance of the Internet for Schools

When the UK went into lockdown a couple of years ago, we realised how much could be done via the internet. Without being able to socialise or do many of the ordinary activities, many creative uses of the internet came into our lives, and we could do all sorts of things from online exercise classes to using the internet to order food.

One of the biggest uses of the internet came in the form of the virtual classroom. As schools were closed down and children were asked to earn from home, the use of the internet was also a way to continue their education safely throughout those difficult times.

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Now that children are back in classrooms of course this is no longer something that is relied upon, however, since the pandemic many schools have embraced the internet as a resource and use it more in many ways.

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A school website for example is a valuable resource when it has been designed correctly by a professional like this websites for schools company – a school website is not just a resource for parents, but can also be used by children and online learning and homework can be set via this.

Another important part of schools using the internet is of course the ability to teach online safety. Teaching children how to be safe online from an early age is something that is more and more necessary in the modern world.

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