How secure are the doors on your home?

The door to your home is not only a great way of maintaining warmth and heat and adding a stylish aesthetic to your exterior, but is also crucial for safety and security.

Despite being clearly visible from the street, around 58.7% of burglars gain access via the front door, with a further third of burglaries also occurring via the back door.

Security Checklist

Locks should be a minimum of 400mm away from letterboxes so that hands or objects cannot be fed through to unlock the door.

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Letterboxes should not be fitted onto the bottom rail, as this weakens the integrity of the door. Fit with a basket or internal cover plate to prevent theft of mail.

Avoid glazed panels or excessive glazing in doors. Where they are essential for light, ensure that toughened glass is used.

Check that hinges are secure and fitted with extra-long, quality, screws.

A 5-lever mortice deadlock that conforms with British and European safety standards should be used on front doors.

The Benefits of UPVC Doors

Quality uPVC doors are a cost-effective and secure door choice.

UPVC doors Stroud come with a multi-point locking system and safety claws as standard, ensuring that your home, family, and possessions are protected and secure.

UPVC doors offer a host of other benefits, such as being highly durable with a strong stainless-steel frame.

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UPVC doors in Stroud require minimum maintenance and boast a life expectancy of around 35 years.

Doors and their associated fixtures and fittings are only as strong and reliable as the workmanship. Always ensure that when having doors fitted or replaced, you use trusted suppliers and installers who will carry out a thorough and quality job.

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