Making the most of retirement.

When it finally comes time to give up the long commute, hang up the pen and push the office chair under the desk for the final time what will you do next? What a wonderful opportunity it will be! What can you do to fill in all the time that you will have? Here are a few suggestions for you to mull over. One thing that you can count on is if you look at Residential Park Homes you will have the perfect place in the best community to live.

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  1. Volunteering. Don’t let all that vital life experience and skills go to waste. Pass on what you have learned by volunteering. For example, if you’ve ever had an interest in History and Heritage why not look at the National Trust? They have hundreds of sites that you can choose from.
  2. Get into Art. Never had the time to sculpt or to paint? Now is the time to engage with that inner Michelangelo or Frida Kahlo. You may not get to do a Sistine Chapel but you certainly will find something satisfying.

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  1. Get in some good walks. Staying fit is vitally important. Go and get some decent boots, a walking stick (we mean a new aluminum hi-tech one!) and all weather gear and see the county.

That’s just three right there!

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