What the colours you wear says about you

Do you have a favourite colour? Most of us do. Or at least when it comes to our colour we have colours that we know suit us and those that don’t. But, did you know that the colours that you choose for your Farah T Shirts, like the ones from https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah/t-shirt, or your maxi dresses actually reflect your personality to others?

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Blue – this is the colour associated with intellect which is why you will often see business suits made from various shades of dark blue.

Yellow – associated with confidence and strength, yellow is a colour that very people are able to wear. It is often used in clothing in subtle tones or as a part of patterning.

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Green – this is a neutral colour in terms of how it makes us feel. It often makes people feel calm and connected with nature.

Purple – is a colour that is linked to royalty and spirituality which is why it often creates feelings of trust and sensitivity.

Grey – a muted colour tone that gives an impression of being dignified and orderly. It is again for this reason that you will often find grey incorporated into business suits.

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