Three Things to do in Maynooth This Summer

If you want to get away from it all during the summer, then Ireland is full of beautiful places to relax and unwind. Head to Maynooth, most well known for being a university town, but also rich in history and surrounded by Ireland’s stunning countryside.

There are also plenty of facilities, from shops like Vodafone Maynooth , to plenty of places to stay to suit any budget. Here are three things to do in Maynooth…

Maynooth Castle – This ancient castle dates back to the start of the 13th Century, so it is fair to say it has seen a lot of history. When it was first built it was the residence of the earls of Kildare, one of the most powerful families in Ireland. The King of Ireland, Garret Mór lived here and ruled as king from 1487 to 1513.

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Cycle the Royal Canal – This canal stretches across the country for around 130km and is around 200 years old. Hiring bikes is the best way to see the canal, where you can take in the history of the canal as well as the wildlife that lives here now. From the heritage dating back to the industrial revolution still evident along the route to the stunning picture-perfect villages and waterside views, this is well worth a trip.

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Blackberry Stables – Explore the beautiful countryside of Ireland on horseback! Whether you have plenty of riding experience or none at all, this is a great place to go to see the beautiful countryside of Ireland and to experience it on horseback. See the stunning woodlands and on a hot day take a break and enjoy a dip in the river!

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