Billy Connolly: A career full of laughter

Billy Connolly is a Scottish comedian and actor who, in recent years, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The condition causes nerves to be lost in the brain which then leads to a reduction in the amount of dopamine that is present. This can lead to issues with mobility and balance. It is a progressive condition that can be supported with a number of medications, treatments and the help of those who work in Care Jobs Stroud way. This type of support can help the individual with a number of daily tasks such as getting washed and dressed and, in some cases, can even help them with getting out and about in a more independent way.

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Billy was born in Glasgow in 1942 to parents of Irish descent. At age 4, his mother left her children, and his father was away at the time serving in the Royal Air Force. Billy has spoken extensively about how difficult his upbringing was and has used this in many of his comedy gigs.

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In 1989 he married Pamela Stephenson, and he credited her with saving his life from the downward spiral that he was in. The couple has been happily married ever since, with Pamela even penning a book about her beloved husband.

Billy has five children in total. Two from his first marriage and three from his marriage to Pamela. He has noted on numerous occasions how important his children are to him.

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