Reasons to Take a Sexual Health Test

Many people assume that the answer is simply because they have an urge to know if they are healthy, or they are concerned about a symptom they may be developing. However, not only are sexual health tests vital to protecting your overall health, but they are also imperative to determining whether or not you are suffering from a disorder or disease. Below are some of the most common reasons to take such a test.

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The best way to ensure that you and your partner are healthy and free of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is to regularly have a checkup with your doctor. If you or your partner has a current STD, it is crucial to make sure that you are treated before the condition worsens. Unfortunately, catching STDs can put you at risk for many years with lifelong consequences. By taking a routine health test, you can catch an STD early and start treatment so that it can be managed properly.

While the reasons to take a sexual health test are varied, one of the most common reasons to have one done is to determine whether or not you are currently suffering from a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease (STD). For example, syphilis, HIV, and gonorrhea are all STDs that can be detected with a simple blood test. Some STDs have symptoms that only manifest after a year or more, so the sooner you can begin treatment, the better you will feel. Some have little to no symptoms at all but can be picked up by a simple, private test at home. For Chlamydia Testing kits Bexley, go to

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Because of the frequency with which STDs arise, it is absolutely necessary for all sexually active individuals to have at least one annual checkup with a gynecologist. The doctor will perform a physical exam, conduct a pelvic exam, and order various tests to confirm whether or not an individual has an STD. Many people assume that only those in multiple relationships need to be tested, and while it is true that casual relationships can cause STDs, taking a test before embarking a new relationship at any age is recommended.

There are many other reasons to take a sexual health test as well. Many STDs can indicate serious medical conditions, including cancer. Cancer can be detected by certain tests, so it is important to have a checkup today. Some STDs can also indicate precancerous conditions, which can be life-threatening. It is also important for anyone who has multiple partners to get tested regularly, as it is possible that one partner may have an STD and not know about it.

The cost of getting tested is generally quite low. There are numerous reasons to take a sexual health test, and many STDs can be detected by a simple health test. The results of the test can help ensure that you and your partner are healthy and that there are no serious underlying conditions causing your infections.

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