Why you should choose professional teeth whitening

Teeth whitening has grown increasingly popular in recent years, with plenty of products becoming available on shop shelves and online. However, these do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits can often have disappointing results, leaving many people out of pocket and still unhappy with their smiles. Whether your teeth need whitening due to due to diet, smoking, inadequate brushing or any other reason, here are many reasons why professional teeth whitening is the best option:

Get the smile you want

Having a brighter, more confident smile will help your self-confidence, enabling you to go for that promotion or go on that romantic date. If your discoloured teeth have been holding you back, you won’t need to worry about it anymore. Keep Reading http://how2dream.com/aftercare-tips-for-your-post-tattoo-skin/

professional teeth whitening

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Better oral health

Removing stains and discolouration will leave your teeth stronger and healthier. The overall health of your gums will improve and so will your breath, once those troublesome stains have been removed. Keep reading http://rockemeet.com/fear-of-the-dentist-be-glad-that-you-werent-born-in-the-victorian-era/

A better whitening

When you have your teeth professionally whitened, the results are far stronger and more impressive than anything you can buy over the counter. You’re more likely to get a more even coverage than trying to do it yourself too. Visiting a dentist for your teeth whitening is also recommended if your staining is moderate to severe, as over the counter kits only with light staining. For cosmetic dentistry Leicester, visit http://www.sjrdental.co.uk/


Having it done professionally is also much quicker. You could have a brighter smile within an hour. The whitening treatment is more reliable and longer-lasting, especially if you follow the dentist’s advice for home maintenance.

Customised Treatments

When you buy a DIY product, you get a one size fits all treatment. Having a professional treatment means you get a completely personal and customised treatment, tailored to your requirements and whitening preference.

professional teeth whitening

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Using a home kit can lead to damage to your gums, leaving you in discomfort and making teeth more prone to sensitivity. Professional whitening is much safer as you’re in the hands of an expert doing the procedure. The whitening agent can be adjusted to your preference and your gums and other areas are protected during treatment.

Looking and feeling great

Shiny white teeth give off the impression of good grooming, pride in your appearance and increased attractiveness. Others perceive white teeth as associated with professional and financial success, which could go a long way to help you succeed at work or in a job interview. That’s just one of the reasons why you should have the best possible teeth whitening treatment available, which is to have it done professionally with your dentist.

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