How Bathing Aids Can Help With Post Surgery Recovery

After having surgery, it can be difficult to move around, whilst feeling fatigued and less stable. Bathing may be difficult, as you must care for possible drainage, dressings and fluid lines. However, bathing is an important part of the post-surgery recovery process. Bathing aids such as handrails can help you enter and exit the tub. They also help you move around the bathroom. The following are a few helpful postoperative bathing aids.

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One of the most difficult parts of recovery after surgery is the waiting time for the first shower. Depending on the type of surgery, your doctor may have recommended a delay of 48 hours before bathing or showering, to promote healing and avoid infection. It is normal to feel tender, and the area may smell slightly. However, if you are able to wait until this time, your first shower may turn out to be the best one yet. For Bathing Aids, consider a site such as Ability Superstore

Items available include grabbers and reachers so as to avoid over stretching. Bath boards and shower stools can also make moving in and out of the tub or shower much easier.

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In addition to being helpful in post-surgery recovery, these devices can make the process easier and less painful. It is essential to follow your surgeon’s instructions about bathing after surgery. You should be able to use them until your surgeon has given you the okay. Then, you can sponge-bathe the area. In the meantime, you can wait for a few days before you can bathe, otherwise your incision may become soft and sore and risk becoming infected.


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