Precautions and Benefits of Vitamin H

The properties of vitamin H were not well known until recently, for most people, but that has begun to change.

Vitamin H, is also known as biotin, co enzyme A and vitamin B8. It is a water soluble vitamin, classified as vitamin B complex There are 8 different types of biotin but only the D-biotin, it has a total vitamin activities. The biotin name comes from the Greek word bios significant “life.”

NutritionFunction of Vitamin H
Vitamin H is a co-factor, that is, it binds to other enzymes to make them have a reaction. Relates primarily to the synthesis of non-essential fatty acids and some protein of gluco neo genesis acidosis branched.

With other B vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5 is involved in metabolic reactions related to blood glucose levels.


  • Prevention of congenital malformations.
  • Health of hair, skin and nails.
  • Alopecia associated with nutritional deficiencies.
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis (especially in infants – cradle cap)
  • Caspa.
  • Epilepsy (when biotin deficiency)
  • Glycemic control and diabetic neuropathy, controlling the level of blood sugar.
  • In pregnancy.
  • In sports, considering that vitamin H controls the metabolism of amino acids and the release of energy.
  • Formation of hemoglobin in blood.

Cases where they have an outstanding application are diabetes, prevention of birth defects, health hair, skin and seborrheic dermatitis milk crust and brittle nails.

Food sources of vitamin H (per 100 g. Feed)

Animal derived Derived Plant
Pork liver 100 Rice bran 60
Pork liver 100 Peanut Butter 39
Yolk: 52 Nuts: 37
Sardines (canned) 24 Peanuts (roasted) 34
Whole egg 22 Barley 31
Salmon (packaging) 15 Pecan, pecans 27
Derived Plant Oatmeal 24
Yeast cereveza: 200 Bean veneer: 18
Soy flour: 70 Cauliflower: 17
Soybeans: 61 Mushrooms: 16

Intestinal Flora:
Humans may be able to absorb biotin produced by bacteria in the large intestine. These bacteria, which colonize the colon, are able to make their own biotin. It has been identified that people who do not suffer from malnutrition and have low intestinal flora has a deficiency of this vitamin.

Deficiency symptoms

  • Skin problems: acne, seborrhea dermatitis, scaly rash nose, mouth, eyes, and genital area.
  • Hair problems: hair loss, dandruff.
  • Nail fragility.
  • Nervous System: depression, apathy, anxiety, sensory hypersensitivity, lethargy, hallucination.
  • Muscular numbness in limbs with homigueo, fatigue and pain.

Factors that increase the need for vitamin H

  • Prolonged consumption of raw egg white or intravenous feeding without biotin.
  • Some liver diseases.
  • Anticonvulsant medications in hepilepticas crisis.
  • Hypocaloric diets.

The intake of vitamin H, as well as other vitamins and supplements, varies with age and sex. General recommendations range from 0.15 mg / day (babies from 0 to 6 months) to 30 mcg / day (adults aged 19 years)

Precautions and interactions with drugs and food
Nutritional Interactions

  • A deficiency of vitamin B complex deficiency may affect others in the same group as these are essential for metabolic reactions.
  • High dose of pantheistic acid (vitamin B5) can deficit vitamin H absorption in the gut, reducing the levels in the body.

Drug Interactions

  • Long term treatment with antibiotics or other sulphonamide can decrease bacterial biotin synthesis, thus requiring biotin dietetically
  • The indiscretion, drug used to combat acne, reduces the activity of biotin.
  • Long treatments with anticoagulants inhibit biotin absorption in the small intestine. In these cases it is advisable to get tested to measure urine and blood vitamin supplementation is still possible if H defecation.

Interactions with foods
Avidin, found in egg white, together with vitamin H, makes this unavailable, so eating large amounts of cured egg pruduce a lack of vitamin H.

It should be noted that biotin plays an important role in sport and involved in acidosis metabolism and energy generation and it is in sports where this type of diet is practiced, and in low-calorie diets for loss weight, so caution should be exercised to keep levels of vitamin H.

Nutritional Supplements
They can be purchased without a prescription, yet it is recommended to consult your doctor, therapist or professional competence.


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