Precautions when taking sleeping pills

Taking sleeping pills is risky and should be taken with great care, if you’re taking them or plan to start taking them, heed the precautions when taking sleeping pills.

HealthMany people turn to sleeping pills to sleep, as the insomnia and sleep deprivation have become commonplace in their lives, which can lead to suffer potentially serious consequences, such as headaches, apathy, irritability and depression among others.

Precautions to take sleeping pills

Take the following precautions before taking sleeping pills.

Talk to your doctor about your sleep problems

If you suffer from insomnia, consult your doctor before taking sleeping pills to get a proper diagnosis and read the instructions carefully to learn their side effects.

Discuss with your doctor all medications you are taking

Sometimes taking both medicines without first talking, they can cause unwanted and dangerous interactions.

Take the medicine before bedtime

Program time properly, so you do not wake up too soon because it is key that you get into bed about 15-20 minutes after taking the drug.

Tell your doctor about any side effects during the day

It is necessary that the doctor knows these effects, in case you have to lower the dose or change your medicine.

Make changes in your lifestyle

Certain changes in diet may improve sleep in people with insomnia; You should also avoid naps during the day, and also caffeine, alcohol and snuff at least 4-6 hours before bedtime.

Do not mix sleeping pills with alcohol or other drugs

It is a basic precaution when taking sleeping pills or other medication. This mixture can cause adverse interactions, such as increased sedation, confusion, dizziness and weakness.

Do not drive, or operate heavy machinery after taking sleeping pills

In these situations alertness decreases and may be dangerous.

Do not increase the dose on your own

This creates greater tolerance to the drug and can lead to physical addiction and the risk of complex sleep-related behavior runs.

Do not stop the medication abruptly

If you have been taking sleeping pills for a long time, do not stop abruptly, to avoid withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, nausea and muscle cramps. It is very important that you follow this instruction with sleeping pills.

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