7 Tips to avoid children’s colds

As you well know, the cold is one of the most frequent infections suffered by children. On average, usually suffer between 3 and 8 friends a year, being more common in the colder months, and their symptoms usually last about a week. Below we give you the answer to questions that you often ask us about them.

How do colds occur?7 Tips to avoid children's colds

Colds are a viral infection that is transmitted by contact. This contact can be direct through the air (coughing, sneezing), or indirectly when the child touches a contaminated object with his hands and then puts it in his mouth.

Why do children get more colds when they start going to school or daycare?

The school or day care center are places where colds spread very easily. These are closed spaces in which, if someone has a cold, the air is loaded with these viruses infecting healthy children through the respiratory tract. On the other hand, children can also become infected when touching or share objects.

The first year in which the children go to school or daycare their immune system is not strong enough and they are easily infected with these viruses. Over the months, your immune system will become stronger and the number of colds will decrease.

Preventing colds completely is impossible since we can not control that all day breathe an air without viruses and do not touch objects that may be contaminated (sure many dads do not know which of these two hypotheses would be harder to achieve). But there are a series of measures that will make your little one more resistant to colds. Take note of these 7 tips :

1.Well-cleaned hands7 Tips to avoid children's colds

As we have already advanced you, touching an object infected by viruses and then putting your hand in your mouth is one of the main sources of contagion of the cold. Therefore, it is very important that the child take the habit of washing his hands regularly. Make special emphasis on remembering to wash them when you get home and before eating.

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2.Take care of the home environment7 Tips to avoid children's colds

Ventilate the house once a day for a few minutes. On the other hand, you should avoid dry air but also excessively humid air. A humidifier will provide that light moisture suitable for the respiratory tract.

3.Avoid sudden changes in temperature7 Tips to avoid children's colds

Sudden changes in temperature make us more susceptible to colds. At home, avoid having the heating too high so that there is no great temperature contrast when the child goes out on the street. We also recommend that you dress with different layers so you can put or remove clothes depending on the temperature of the place where you are.

4.Teach them to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze7 Tips to avoid children's colds

Teaching them to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing will help prevent them from spreading their viruses to other children or adults around them. Instruct them to do it with a throwaway handkerchief and, if they do not have one nearby and cover their mouth with their hand, they should wash it later.

5.Well hydrated7 Tips to avoid children's colds

Drinking enough water a day will help your body to be well hydrated and more resistant to infections. So if you forget to ask for water because they are immersed in their games, offer it.

6.Vitamin C7 Tips to avoid children's colds

A healthy diet will also help your body to be strong in the face of colds. Bet on a diet rich in vitamin C (fruits, vegetables, vegetables) as it will help strengthen your defenses. On the other hand, if with the intake of vitamin C through the diet is not enough, in the pharmacy we have vitamin supplements that contain it.

7.Outdoor games7 Tips to avoid children's colds

Being cold outside does not mean they can not go out to play in the park. The physical activity they do when playing outdoors is also beneficial for their defenses. And also, being an open space, the possible concentration of viruses in the park is very low.


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