Active charcoal for the treatment of teeth whitening

We all know the importance that social networks have in our current society. Fashions that spread to the speed of the wind in the virtual way, adding adepts of vertiginous form, especially, if they are tendencies that have been based on the recommendations that the known “influencers” have given in their social networks. These tendencies are also affecting the beauty of our smile, as is the case of the whitening of our teeth, which may even become an obsession, with the so-called white reflex, a psychological problem that leads the person to submit, so continuous and out of all medical control, to rare treatments to get an increasingly white target on your teeth.

The treatment of teeth whitening with activated charcoal has expanded worldwide, especially through social networks and their impact. In the videos and photos, it is encouraged to use active charcoal as if it were a black toothpaste, ensuring its effectiveness and trusting in its guarantees. But is it really a reliable and healthy treatment? Yes. It is even safe to swallow small amounts of activated charcoal. In fact, it is used to treat cases of poisoning since it is good to absorb toxins before they enter the bloodstream.

How to use it?

In the following steps we will explain how to brush your teeth with activated charcoal powder:

  • Insert your brush in the water to clean it and wet all the bristles.
  • Stir it to release excess water: it must be moist but not too wet.
  • Put both your face and the jar with the activated charcoal powder near the sink to avoid dirtying it all, and if it happens, the spill is easy to clean.
  • Dip your toothbrush in the dust, but do not overdo it, with a little more than enough.
  • Lightly brush the teeth during the time indicated by the product.
  • Do not be discouraged to see your mouth completely black.
  • Rinse deeply by brushing also with water.

Alternatively, you can mix a small amount of powder and water in another container to form a paste. Some words of warning: although activated charcoal removes stains from your teeth, it stains a lot. Store the container properly and keep it away from things like clothes, carpets and the joints of your tiles.

Some tips to keep our teeth white:

  • Rigorous hygiene, after each meal and using dental floss
  • Avoid tobacco – “harmful to our mouth and the rest of our body”
  • Reduce the consumption of:
  • Coffee, tea, red wine and other beverages with a high content of tannins and chromogens, with a high staining power.
  • Soft drinks and carbonated drinks, sweetened and energetic.
  • Fruits and vegetables of intense color, whose pigment adheres to the enamel.
  • Sauces such as ketchup, soy and balsamic vinegar.

But most of these foods and beverages have to be present in our diet, so what is essential is a complete and rigorous hygiene.

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