How do downlight covers work?

It’s doubtful that you ever consider your recessed lighting fixtures. They sit there quite happily in the ceiling doing the job they are supposed to do,  namely providing illumination in your kitchen or living room. Also known as downlights, these lighting fixtures have become extremely popular over the last 20 years.  They are unobtrusive space savers that allow the eye to wander around the decoration around the room rather than being put off by the significant obstruction in the middle. However, there are considerable issues with downlights that need to be addressed. For example, they can be unsafe if they are not fitted correctly. They also result in drafts and could be a fire risk, as they may interfere with the house’s installation.

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Luckily, help is at hand through Downlight Covers. These act to protect the downlight cover and also ensure that the issues mentioned above do not occur. offers some of the best makes and models that can be attached to downlights to ensure this protection is part of your home.

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First and foremost, a downlight cover protects the insulation. Cutting holes in the ceiling can result in drafts and air leakages, some of the worst ways of losing heat in a home and increasing energy costs. Even more importantly, they also aid fire safety. If the fixtures become hot from the downlight, they can provide one source of the fire triangle. With a downlike cover, this airtight seal does not allow for the heat to transfer to any other materials in the house.

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