Purchasing your own home for the first time

With the current financial crisis, the cost-of-living soaring, energy prices high and mortgage rates increasing, being able to afford your own home has become incredibly difficult for many young couples and older singletons.  With the average two-bedroom apartment costing on average £185,000 being able to afford at least a ten percent deposit means saving about £19,000 and then there’s the added expense of Solicitors fees, Estate Agents commission and moving costs to take into account. Luckily, there are now several Co-Ownership Schemes available giving those with less financial income the chance to own at least a share in their own home. These brand-new or pre-loved properties have many advantages to older style houses. Most of them come with Laminate Wood Flooring laid throughout which increases the resale value if and when you do decide to move on.

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Laminate Wood is really hard wearing and durable and is a great option for flooring, whichever room it’s in will look sleek and modern.  Using colourful rugs to coordinate the bedroom and living room floors with their furnishings gives you the practical use of hard floors yet the softer appeal for a bedroom or sitting room.

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Your new Co-Ownership property will look like a home in no time, just by adding a few of your own style touches. Any improvements you make will add to the value of your property and all your personal items, rugs, accessories etc you can take with you if you do decide to move.

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